Retrometro Backpackers is a small hostel in Tokyo, Asakusa.
We renovated an old house and opened it
as a backpacker's hostel on March 7th 2012.

The hostel owner loves traveling and once dreamed of
traveling with her whole house.

Also she noticed that who she met means a lot more,
than where she went or what she did in her travel.

This idea brought her to open her own hostel.

Let's travel like living, and live like traveling.


Cheap hostel is everywhere in Tokyo but Retrometro is a hostel
for people looking forward to something different.

We are not a hotel nor a big hostel.
But we care about every guest and every daily life in Tokyo.

Living room makes it easy to meet other fellow travellers,
but you can still enjoy being by yourself.

We are not a party hostel, but a great place to be relaxed.

Mini-towel is included and can be washed daily, so do not worry
to travel with a wet towel in your backpack.
Bed sheets are already set, so no hassle to do it yourself.
Check-out is 12:00 noon, please sleep well :)